Robert Sharp From OUT Adventures

This month’s passionate traveller is Robert Sharp, Co-founder of OUT Adventures, Canada’s leading LGBT adventure tour company. Robert not only is in the travel industry, but has also travelled to over 30 countries and all seven continents. We catch up with him to find out why he has a passion for travel.

Robert Sharp from OUT Adventures

Why do I have a passion for travel? Well, because it’s travel. OK, actually it’s much more than that. I really believe that the world would be a better place if people were able to experience other cultures first hand. I mean, I love sitting on a beach like everyone else, but for me I love experiencing somewhere like a local, whether it’s Halifax or Kathmandu. I want to meet locals, go to the best little locally owned restaurants, stay at small hotels and bed and breakfasts where I can really get to know the people involved. That’s why my business partner and I started OUT Adventures. We really wanted to provide a truly local, authentic experience to other gay men, lesbians, their friends and family. It really is an amazing world out there, and we love helping others explore!

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