Why should I opt for a gay or lesbian holiday?

So many of our clients return from a gay or lesbian holiday and say it is the best vacation they have ever had. Why? Gay and lesbian holidays give people the chance to relax and be themselves with a welcoming group of like-minded people.
Most of the vacations we offer have been specifically designed with the gay and lesbian traveler in mind. These trips are special because they include unique features, for example, dinners at fabulous gay restaurants, afternoon breaks at the local gay beach or ports of call, which are popular with gay and lesbian travelers.

Why should I book with Rainbow High Vacations?

Rainbow High Vacations is licensed by the Travel Industry Council of Ontario and has been a long-standing member of the International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association. Our agents are experts in what they do.
Travel (in all forms) for lesbians and gay men is our specialty. We devote much time and energy to keep on top of the latest LGBTQ+ welcoming travel trends. A lot of effort is taken to organize destinations and experience the vacation options that we think would be of interest to you. We also believe in giving back to our community and support events and groups across North America.

Are all of the packages on Rainbow High Vacations exclusively gay and/or lesbian?

Most of the trips featured on Rainbow High Vacations welcome all LGBTQ+ travelers. Some trips are exclusively for gay men while others are exclusively for lesbians. A small number of these trips are "gay group departures" on mainstream cruises.

What if I don't want a gay holiday? Can Rainbow High Vacations help with regular trips as well?

We know that most of the travel gay men and lesbians opt for are not specifically "gay". You may need a flight for work, to visit friends or family or for a do-it-yourself holiday, and chances are that a car or hotel might come in handy too once you are there. Therefore, we also offer flights, cars, hotels and vacation packages from all tour and packaged travel companies - at prices competitive to those you can find at large online travel sites.

How do I book?

We've tried to make it easy for you to book with Rainbow High Vacations. Call us toll free to speak to our knowledgeable agents. If you are not ready to book but have questions or would like more information, email or call us and book a free consultation our expert, professional staff.

When should I book?

It is highly suggested that you book as soon as possible. The maximum number of guests on many trips is very few � in some cases as few as 10 to 15 people. So when group sizes are that, small trips can sell out well in advance of the departure date. LGBT Cruises (which may have between 100 to 3,000 guests) are extremely popular and can sell out early - especially if you are looking to book either the most or the least expensive cabins. For mainstream cruises, the best deals are always the EBB "Early Booking Bonus" offers, available when the cruise is first announced

When do I have to pay?

All trips require a deposit at the time of booking. The amount of the deposit varies from trip to trip. Each tour company has their own payment schedule but all will require final payment in full anywhere between three months to six weeks prior to your departure date. If you book after the final payment deadline, you must pay for your trip in full at the time of booking.

Can I add additional travellers?

Unit size varies by resort. The standard accommodation sizes are either a Studio apartment or a 1 bedroom apartment that sleep up to 2 adults and 2 children under 16. Under certain circumstances we can accommodate larger families in a 2 bedroom unit which would sleep up to 6 people. Please speak with your agent who will place a request for a 2 bedroom unit in to your chosen resort.

Should I buy travel insurance?

It is highly recommended that you buy travel insurance. Almost every holiday we offer affects clients with some sort of a non-refundable penalty fee for booking cancellations, especially if it is done closer to the trip date. In many cases, your booking may be fully non-refundable, so you will lose all your money.
While cancellation insurance may not cover every circumstance, it will protect your vacation investment should you have to cancel because of an emergency.
It is usually most economical to purchase package insurance (which includes cancellation insurance) rather than cancellation insurance on its own. To get a quote, phone us toll free.

I'm travelling alone; can I still book these trips?

Absolutely. Most trips have a single rate or a single supplement if you are travelling alone. Some companies also offer the option to match you up with another single traveler so you can avoid the single rate or supplement. This varies from trip to trip, so please ask us for more information.

I'm not very 'out'; will I still feel comfortable taking one of these trips?

Whether you are still in the closet or you have been out for decades, one of the big attractions of these trips is that you will be in a comfortable environment with like-minded traveling companions where you will be free to be yourself. Some people like the cruises because it allows them to be more out than they would normally be at home. Other people like some of the other trips simply because being out or not has nothing to do with their enjoyment of the trip. We will be happy to help you find the trip that best suits what you want out of your holiday.

Is it true that the all-gay cruises are really nothing more than floating bathhouses?

There is no denying that the cruises can be sexy affairs, but only if you want it to be that way. Most people who go on these cruises have a great (but pretty tame) time.

Why are some prices in Canadian dollars and others in US dollars?

We want to give you the broadest possible range of gay and lesbian vacation options, so we feature holidays from companies all over the world. Many of these companies are based in the United States and offer prices in U.S. dollars. Similarly, Canadian companies have Canadian dollar prices while some European companies have rates in Euros.
In most cases, you will be charged the price in the currency listed. Your credit card company will automatically convert the charge into your local currency when it is processed. Please be aware that your credit card company may add a currency conversion fee (ranging from 2% to 5%) to this transaction charge.

How do I book online?

We currently do not have the option to book your trip online. However, our website offers knowledge on many destinations and its local clubs, neighbourhoods, crowds and more, and we would be happy to guide you in planning the perfect vacation.

Does Rainbow High offer options for the physically challenged?

Yes. We offer travel for clients of all sorts, so call us for knowledge on booking a customized vacation package that will suit your needs.

What is a gay-friendly hotel?

Gay friendly hotels typically accommodate to same-sex couples. Most of the time they are located close to the gay area of the city or town and offer a warm welcome to gay or lesbian folk.

What is a gay cruise?

Just like any other cruise, a gay cruise allows for the comfort of living in a hotel-like environment while still allowing for a sense of adventure. In addition to getting off at ports of call and enjoying the amenities of a cruise ship, gay entertainers and other like-minded people are there to enjoy the cruise along with you.

Do you offer any family-friendly packages - gay or not?

We offer packages and bookings that will accommodate any of your needs. There are non-gay family friendly trips, cruises, destinations that you can customize, and there are gay friendly family trips, cruises and destinations that you can book as well. Please call us to learn more about booking your family vacation.

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