Meet Us in Mexico

After the warmth of the holiday season has faded away and you find yourself stuck in the cold, harsh middle of January, you may feel you want to escape to a warm beach locale. Possibly to party as well and meet some hot new friends? That's exactly what this vacation package is all about.

Meet us in Mexico is a chance for Toronto residents to go away for a week, escape the cold and relax by the beach or pool, or join in the celebrations. It's your choice! Either way, they'll be no shortage of  fun, warm sand, cool water and good times. 

The package is truly all inclusive, with accommodations, food (including a much appreciated bottle of tequila upon arrival), airport transfers and access to a private beach party. A full listing of package details can be found here.

AND if you book by November 30 you'll get and even lower rate on the package. PLUS if you book on the 30th itself during our Shop the Neighbourhood promotion you'll get double Air Miles and a chance to save $250. A great holiday gift idea.

by Kevin Hicks on 11/22/2013 in Hotels