Neil Dudley discovers Vienna and Salzburg

Like most European countries, Austria looks back on a very eventful history. Yet there are some elements of the Austrian character that haven’t changed much over the centuries: the partiality for indulgence, beauty, and cultivation has always been a driving force in the country’s past and present. 

Not too many European cities have such a rich gay history as the Austrian capital. Gay emperors, generals or composers of days gone by and all the gays and lesbians of today convert Vienna into a unique travel destination.  With an abundance of things to do during the day and in the evenings Vienna is a city that definitely didn’t disappoint no matter what one may be looking to do while on vacation.  Between the majesty of the Schonbrunn Palace, once home to Austria’s imperial family it is one of Europe’s most beautiful baroque palaces to the unique Spanish riding school located in the Hofburg Palace where you can watch the famous Lipizzaner stallions take their morning exercises aimed at refining their skills you will get a chance to see how truly unique and beautiful Vienna truly is.  The night didn’t disappoint either as I was able to attend an exclusive concert at the majestic Palais Lichenstein featuring the music of Strauss and Mozart while enjoying several glasses of Austrian Sekt.  Although this could be conceived as a stereotypical gay man’s ideal day with the palaces and classical music it is far from a typical one for me but I found myself truly enjoying all of these unique offerings that only Vienna could offer and something definitely not to be missed.  In addition to these tours I found myself enjoying some of the world-famous Viennese cafes and more than abundant gay night life suited for all ages and interests.  Vienna truly is one of the most memorable cities in Europe and one definitely not to be missed.

Salzburg owes its fame mainly to the composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Salzach and the myth of “The Sound of Music”.

The old town with its variety of architectural styles is a true architectural treasure trove.   Anyone strolling through the many small streets by tight buildings from the Middle Ages, Romanesque, Renaissance, Baroque, and the elegant classical burghers’ houses of the monarchy will  be amazed.  There is hardly an epoch Salzburg has not left their architectural imprint on. Salzburg is filled  with baroque domes and churches making it one of the most beautiful cities in the world.   It also has imposing buildings, actually no shortage, the most striking certainly being the Salzburg cathedral, the Hohensalzburg Fortress, the Residenz, pin St . Peter with its impressive cemetery, the Franciscan church and university church, and – last but not least -. the Festival District with Great and Small Festival Hall and the Summer Riding School.  All of this being said for the gay traveller it is the tour built around the iconic Sound of Music that is surely not to be missed.  In fact even though I was on a coach filled with 50 people ranging in age from 18 to 80 and every nationality imaginable you’d have thought everyone was gay the way they were singing out every single song from the Sound of Music while the coach took them from one attraction to the next.  I’ve never been on a more lively and fun day tour in my life and believe me I’ve been on hundreds but the comradery this tour brought purely due to everyone’s shared love for the Sound of Music makes it AND Salzburg a must for any traveller venturing to the beautiful country of Austria.

This is me standing in front of the famous gazebo from the Sound of Music while everyone was singing in the background.  The joy that touring this country gave me made it a very easy choice to provide to everyone as a passionate traveller.

by Rainbow High Vacations on 02/06/2012 in Sightseeing