Akron, Ohio

The University City of Akron is situated in the Great Lakes region, just South of Lake Erie.  The industrial boom put Akron on the map as they increased their manufacturing capabilities and became revered for many of their export products, namely rubber!  As a getaway destination, Akron is ideal with its combination of rolling hills and welcoming city ambiance. Whether you’re craving an adventure or just a relaxing few days in a diverse community, here you will find your perfect mix to match you program.


Akron’s LGBT community is thriving.  There is plenty on offer if you’re looking for entertainment, the best of which can be found in the famous Highland Square. This is considered to be the most eclectic neighborhood, with its musical and artistic history endearing it towards the modern day busy urban feel it evokes.  This fashionable district is also the dwelling place of numerous visitors to the number one voted gay and lesbian bar in the area, “Square Nightclub”.


If clubbing is not your cup of tea and you’re looking for something a little less hectic, then fear not, there are plenty of other restaurants and bars in this hip neck of the woods.  Check out “Amigos Mexican Grill” or “Aladdin’s Eatery”, where you will feel quite at home in their queer friendly inviting atmosphere.


CANAPI, Community Aids Network and the Akron Pride Centre, is a group that actively supports the LGBT community of Akron.  They have recently established improved educational programming and services.   This has been achieved through various groups that facilitate individuals on many fronts including; risk reduction, HIV testing and housing.  The first meeting of the board in 2012 resulted in a unanimous decision to provide a meeting space for New Pride, the Lesbian Unity Group and the newly formed Teen Pride Group.


A recent addition to the many online LGBT resources that Akron has to offer is a free online dating site for resident Lesbians.  In close proximity there is also the annual Cleveland Pride Festival that is a fabulous display of creativity, including many keynote speakers adding to the growing strength in the surrounding LGBT region.


Last but not least, “GG9” or Gay Games 9 is also huge upcoming attraction not to be missed.  This is one of the biggest sports and cultural festivals in the world, and will be taking place in August 2014.  Akron and Cleveland Ohio will together welcome over 11,000 participants from more than 65 countries for the weeklong event.  With the enthusiasm and investment in such upcoming events, fused together with the growing population of Akron, it’s clear that this small town city is just at the start of its scope for growth and a great venue for your free spirited traveler.