Melbourne, Australia

Twice ranked “The Worlds Most Livable City”, this is a lifestyle location, and a great one at that.  Known as the sporting capital of Australia, it also has plenty of other accolades to add to its list of achievements.  The city center is packed with the best of the best of just about everything.  Be it bars, shops, museums, cultural activities, nature trails, shark dives, this city offers a diverse range of activities to cater to everyone’s taste.  For us mere mortals this is truly a dream lifestyle set in paradise city, so “Melburian” residents should count their lucky stars.


The south side of the city is mainly focused around Commercial Road, where there is a full range of gay bars and clubs, and a busy shopping scene.  Federation Square is probably the liveliest place in Melbourne, and host to more than 2,000 events a year.  The square’s big screen attracts an even bigger crowd and the atmosphere is simply electrifying.


If you’re looking for a list of activities in and around the city you would be best advised to invest in a small book, as Melbourne offers every activity under the sun.  Explore the Yarra River with a short cruise, or take a trip into the nearby valleys to visit a winery.  Queen Victoria Market is another treasure to be found in the chest.  This is the largest open-air market in the Southern Hemisphere, and has been going for over 130 years.  Eureka Tower offers a magnificent view of Melbourne and beyond which is certainly worth a visit.  This is not a feat for those with vertigo, as the tower soars 300 meters into the sky, and offers an observation deck 88 floors up from street level.


The city boasts a rich and diverse gay scene where residents are anything but shy to come out of the closet.  The LGBT community here walked out of the closet years back.  They’re now running the stage with a full frontal exposure and dazzling lights.  Relax and kick back, nobody bats an eyelid in this “hang-loose” environment.  The only batting eyelids found are those of the drag queens, and no one does it quite as well as these talented divas.


In the dining department, the “Chocolate Buddha” is definitely worth a mention.  This is the best Japanese restaurant Melbourne has to offer.  For gourmet and gadget heaven, check out “Pearl”.  This is the first of its kind to offer the menu and wine list on an iPad.  After dinner if you’re feeling like a little goosy gander, pass by “The Cock Pen” if you fancy catching up, or hooking up.  Both are available at this coaxing venue.  If you prefer a more cut and dry approach, “The Laird” might be more up your street.  Be prepared for all things sweaty, furry and leather clad.


The summer season is abuzz with festivals galore.  “Chill Out” in the first week of March is Australia’s biggest queer rural festival.  Shortly after this is the amazing “Melbourne Queer Film Festival”.  This gets better year on year.  The city’s Pride March is another showstopper that ends with a huge beach party and a bit of a “free for all”.  AWOL or “A Week of Leather” takes place during August to September.  Wacky and wild with a smell of leathery undergarments this is a bombshell experience that must be done at least once in a lifetime.