Sydney, Australia

Sun-kissed residents of Sydney, or “Sydneysiders” as they are known, have a lifestyle comparable to none.  They are quite simply some of the luckiest individuals on this planet.  Who wouldn’t want to enjoy waking up to the architectural splendor of the Sydney Opera House, or soak up the weather on one of the many serene beaches before heading out to the crystal blue waters to cool off; and that’s just for starters.  Once you’re done with the beach where you will find bodies that put Baywatch to shame, you can head for the bush.  I refer here to the wild bushlands surrounding the city, which are a great place to go if you need some R&R after you have exhausted yourself trying to see it all.  Sydney continues to rank in the top ten most livable cities list and it’s not too hard to see why.


Put to one side the fact that this is one of the world’s most beautiful, cosmopolitan and safe metropolises in the world, it’s also a fluorescent gay icon.  Although Oxford Street is the centre of all dynamic LGBT activity, there are plenty of other hideaways and less conspicuous places to meet and greet like-minded individuals.


With the risk of sounding too cliché, the number one ranked attraction is still the world famous Sydney harbor.  This is an aquatic sanctuary with secluded beaches and quiet coves.  As you poke your head around each bend whilst aboard one of yellow and green discovery ferries, you will find miles of beachfront where up-market residences are situated, and yachts anchored in private moorings.


Just a short walk away from the Sydney Opera House, are The Royal Botanical Gardens.  This is breathtaking experience to say the least.  Better still you can enjoy the tranquility of this jaw dropping setting by packing a little picnic bag and spreading out your checkered rug on the luscious green lawns.  For other close to nature experiences there is a nearby aquarium, a zoo, and in case you’re feeling frisky why not take a quick dive with the sharks for a close up acquaintance.


Sydney nightlife is equally packed with choices galore.  Whether you’re looking for cuisine from any part of the world, quiet bars, piano bars, jazz bars, gay bars, champagne bars, drag queens, club scenes, pubs, fetish, leather bars; you name it, Sydney has it.


Festivals and parades are chock-a-block and back-to-back, one leading seamlessly into the other rather like one long party train.  “Coast Out” is Australia’s prime gay and lesbian beach festival held in Coffs Harbor.  Scintillating and “one of a kind” in festival terms, most say there is nothing that compares.  Sydney Mardi Gras starting in February is a worthwhile trip even if you do have to make it half way round the globe to get here.  You won’t have any regrets when your eyes feast upon this spectacle of LGBTQI pride.  This is an all-encompassing celebration that is a hard act to beat for Gay Pride events worldwide.